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omigo Meditation Pillow brown with cream top

  • The shape of meditation pillow will naturally adjust your body to sit in the correct sitting position by keeping your hips higher than your knees;
  • When sitting on this pillow, your spine will assume a S-shape - shoulders back, chest upfront- which is known as a healthy posture;
  • Whether you use omigo as a Meditation pillow or a Floor cushion -  your Spine will be grateful;
  • Made from environmentally friendly products and durable materials;
  • Vegan friendly, hand made in Europe, beautiful gift if you are looking for one;

Meant for meditation...and so much more

omigo is the most supportive, comfortable, and beautiful meditation pillow on the market today – but this magnificent floor cushion is so much more.  From comfortable gathering spaces for friends, to hours of jamming on a guitar.  Thoughtful seating options for health coaches, to durable seating options when playing with children.  Stunning interior design centerpieces, to a cozy corner cushion to curl up in on a rainy day.

omigo is a multipurpose floor pillow designed to align your body while you live your life.  Made of entirely eco-friendly products, handmade, and 100% vegan, omigo truly is more than a meditation pillow – it is an entry point to relaxation and comfortable living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the meditation pillow made?
Meditation pillow / floor cushion by omigo is hand made in Europe.

All materials- paper leather, hemp, buckwheat hulls, the zipper, label and even the bag in which the pillow arrives are also produced in Europe.

Are the materials used for making the meditation pillow / floor cushion certified?
Paper leather, from which the base of the meditation pillow is made, holds OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances and confirms that the material used to make the final product is harmless for human health.

The top of the meditation pillow / floor cushion is made from organic hemp, which is considered one of the most sustainable fibers.

For the filling we used organic buckwheat hulls which were not treated with pesticides at any stage of growing, harvesting, processing and storing.

Is omigo a meditation pillow or floor cushion?
Originally designed as a meditation cushion, omigo soon gained popularity as a floor pillow.

Keeping the proper spine alignment while sitting low is very important, regardless if one decides to sit down for meditation or for playing a board game with some friends.

This new shape omigo meditation pillow / floor cushion makes sitting not only more comfortable, but also relaxing for your body, mind and spine.

How to adjust the filling of the pillow?

omigo meditation pillow / floor cushion comes with the perfect amount of filling to keep the shape and to enhance your sitting experience.

Nevertheless, the amount of filling can be a personal taste as well. It is a matter of years before you’ll notice buckwheat hulls begin to flatten, but If you feel that there is too much buckwheat filling for your taste (It is unlikely that you will find it too little), open the zipper and remove amount of buckwheat hulls that is needed.

How can the pillow be cleaned and can it be washed?
In order to preserve the materials (vegan leather and hemp fiber), gently clean the spots with a wet cloth or sponge. Avoid using hard cleaners or chemicals as it can damage the color of the materials. Instead, choose ecological soaps or Plant-powered surface cleaners.

Can you send omigo as a gift on my behalf?


Whether you are looking for a birthday present ideas, housewarming gift ideas or Christmas present ideas – omigo meditation pillow / floor cushion is a beautiful and practical gift which can be shipped as a present with your own personalized message as well.

How to proceed? Select the color of omigo meditation pillow /floor cushion and proceed with a regular checkout. Indicate the address to which your gift has to be shipped and complete the order by finalizing the payment. Make sure to provide your own email address during the check out process for receiving "track and trace" link.

Should you wish to add your personalized message?You can either type your message in the "order notes" or along with the purchase confirmation number send us your message to

As soon as the present is ready, we will confirm this to you by email.

Customer Reviews

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omigo Meditation Pillow grey with chocolate top

Welcome gift

I sent this to my sister who meditates regularly. It was dispatched quickly and arrived in plenty of time for her birthday. - she is delighted, finds it very comfortable, and I am considering one for myself!

Love it!

I bought 2 omigo pillows of different colours because they fit in very nicely with the interior design of my new apartment. I not only meditate on them, but I also like to sit on them as I have dinner or I'm just working on my computer. Very comfortable, high quality and beautiful! Highly recommend


Am in love with this amazing pillow - tip top quality, lovely product, service and packaging - you can see so much love and care has gone into this. Thank you x x x

Get this--will become a key part of your practice!

One of the best meditation pillows I have ever used. Great back support and the filling doesn't activate my allergies at all! Would highly reccomend.